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We are proud to see Amharic in Google Translate. Now, millions of Amharic users can translate from 100 languages to and from Amharic.

However the quality of the translation is not good yet. It needs a lot of improvements. We have to note that, Google Translate is just a platform. It is up to the native speakers to add more translations and improve the quality of the translation. Many languages such as Filipino organize a big group to translate more than 500,000 sentences in less than a month. Such initiative will immediately grant a high quality translation in Google Translate. Which means people can use it with confidence. It is now time for Amharic to do the same. This website supports Amharic Translation Community and improve the quality of Amharic Translation in Google Translate, To help with the translation, we provide a free and complete dictionary in many languages.

Join the Community

You can already start helping by translating or verifying few sentence. All you need to do is go to Google Translate Community and translate one sentence to Amharic.

The dictionary in this website is made to help you choose the right Amharic word (when in doubt). If you are better in Germany or Swedish or other none English languages, you are even more welcome. Please choose your preferred language and start translating sentences now. We will keep adding more words to the dictionary. and fill free to write to as at amharicpro AT gmail.com for any question or comment.


We like to hear from you. Let us know if you have questions, comments or suggestions at amharicpro AT gmail.com


Some of the content that appears in our synonyms and antonyms sections are derives from WordNet®, a project of Princeton University [license]. The word definition in the German dictionary is derived from wiktionary [license] and the synonyms from openthesaurus.de [license]. English audio is also derived from Shatooka open source project [license].

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amharicpro.com may use words entered by the user to improve the dictionary (For example. to add missing words). We do not share these information to third parties.


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