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Amharic Google Translate

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Probably you are not happy with the translation to and from Amharic in Google Translate. Instead of Complaining about it, how about help the machine make a better translation.

In this page, I will walk you through the process of doing exactly that. Translating few sentence from or to Amharic will make greately help improve the translation.

If you already use gmail. You can login to gmail and go to and click GET STARTED. If you do not have gmail account. You can signup for free from the same page.

you’ll be asked to add between two and five languages.

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Since I accessed the page in English, that language is already added for me. I have also added Amharic as my second language. If you know German or other langauges, you can add those too.

Next, you’ll be asked if you want to receive emails about updates on features and events. I don’t need any more emails in my inbox so I chose not to check the box. Finally, after that screen, you’ll be taken to the main Google Translate Community page.

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It’s a pretty simple layout as you can see. Starting at the top left corner, if you click on the lines next to where it says “Google Translate Community” you’ll be presented with a drop-down menu that gives you some options to change your settings, access the Google Translate Community forum, and some other things. You can also take part in validating translations that have already been done previously. Just click in the second quadrant (upper right) if it has the word “Validate.”

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When you click on the upper left quadrant, you’re presented with a dialogue box that has a word or phrase in the language that you chose. This was mine for the English -> Amharic language combo:


And there you have it. A complete introduction to the Google Translate Community, where you have a chance to help out our langauge translate better and more accurate to other langauges.